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The Law Offices of James E. Nobles is committed to enforcing all employment laws for California employees. We focus on overtime, meal break, rest break, exempt vs. non-exempt employee issues, as well as sexual harassment and discrimination cases. You could be owed tens of thousands of dollars, even if you don’t work there anymore.

If you have been sexually harassed, discriminated against on the basis of your age, race, disability or any other reason within the last 24 months, call us NOW! If you have not been paid all your wages, not given breaks or not paid overtime in the last four years, calls us NOW! Don’t worry about attorneys fees: there are no up front fees. We only get fees if we recover money for you.

Your employer has attorneys. Now you have one too!

Attorney James Eugene Nobles began his journey into the world of law in 2001. His diverse background gave him a unique edge and ability to understand various legal situations and counsel clients on a variety of different topics. The experience he gained from working in the corporate world also help to set him and his firm apart from other lawyers. Since Mr. Nobles opened his own practice, clients have been impressed with his legal acumen and attention his firm pays to their legal matters.

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If you suspect you or someone you know needs help with any of the following, call James E. Nobles today:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Age discrimination
  • Race discrimination
  • Meal breaks
  • Rest breaks
  • Minimum wage
  • Pay stub problems
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Home care attendants
  • Salary employees
  • Whistle blowing
  • Reasonable accommodation
  • Medical leave
  • Employment contracts
  • Pregnancy Discrimination
  • FMLA
  • Cell phone use for work
  • Docked paychecks
  • Unauthorized deductions from pay
  • Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Late payment of wages
  • Improper tip pooling
  • Off clock work
  • Truck drivers

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